Just picked up an awesome pair, did you?! Congrats on your new eyewear!

At Veo Optics we want to make sure we provide you with not only the best service,

but also the best tips to keeping your new beloved glasses or sunglasses in tip top shape.

We also want you to know we've got your back, so below are some helpful tools for you in case you run into a few bumps on glasses lane. 

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Frame Warranty

If your frame happens to have a defect (rare, but possible) we will help facilitate your 1 year manufacturer's warranty if provided by the brand. Please speak to one of our knowledgeable opticians and they will be happy to help! We do recommend having a back up pair as the process can take 3+ weeks for the manufacturer to assess the defect so please be patient and give us time. 

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Lens Warranty

All Veo Rx lenses have a scratch resistant coating added at no charge. Remember, it is not scratch proof so please treat your specs with the respect they deserve! However, we know life happens so if you scratch your lenses within the first year, you get a one time same lens replacement at no charge to you!

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Dr. Redo

If your doctor changes your prescription within 90 days of Veo receiving the script, we will do a one time remake of your lenses at no charge (excludes upgrades). It does take 2-4 weeks to create your specs, but you have plenty of time to feel if the prescription is off, so please let us know!


  • Clean your lenses only with microfiber cleaning cloths. If you don't have one handy, breathe on your lenses before wiping them with a cotton fabric. Avoid using strong chemicals like Windex or alcohol as the can destroy your hard coating. Also, please be wary on the beach as saltwater can be corrosive to them as well.


  • If your frames get out of whack, don't try and adjust them yourself. Please bring them to any of our locations for a complimentary adjustment. One of our skilled opticians on site will be happy to get you back in working order!