Does Veo do eye exams?

Since we are a more retail based operation, we don't administer eye exams on site. However, if you need some recommendations of reputable eye doctors in San Francisco give us a call and we'll recommend a few in your area. 

Does veo take any eye insurance?

Nope. NO. Absolutely NOT. And we never have. We like to keep quality up! And instead of having your glasses be #1 of 10,000 at those insurance labs, we like to keep everything in house so we can monitor the process closely and have glasses look they way they're supposed to as well as give you optimal vision.

Does veo have any other locations outside of san francisco?

Not yet, but check back!

Do we sell oNline?

All Veo products are sold only in store. If you've visited one of our locations & found a frame you loved, we'd be more than happy to ship to you anywhere. Contact one of our shops and our opticians will guide you through the purchasing and shipping process. 

What if my prescription feels off?

We offer a 90 day lens guarantee which means that if your prescription feels off, we'll fix it within the 90 day period even if it's a completely new prescription. It is a free one time Dr.'s redo that excludes any upgrades or lens material changes or add ons.